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    Default TN - Chattanooga To Install Speed And Traffic Cameras

    Chattanooga To Install Speed And Traffic Cameras
    Angela Lee
    September 12,2006
    Tuesday, the Chattanooga City Council approves a proposal to use traffic cameras to help enforce laws.
    It's a proposal that's been on the table before, but this time it's a done deal.
    Now the city move forward in purchasing stationary cameras to catch people speeding, two vans equipped with speeding cameras and red light traffic cameras similar to the ones used by the City of Red Bank.

    It's been about eight months since the City of Red Bank installed red light cameras.
    Red Bank Police Lieutenant, Jim Kyle says, “The reason we went with these traffic cameras is we noticied a high volume of crashes and speed in high traffic intersections. So, it was a way to monitor and control violators.”
    Lieutenant Kyle says since put in place, accidents are down 50-percent and speed violations has also reduced 61-percent.
    Now, the City of Chattanooga hopes the cameras will have the same effect in its trouble spots.
    One of the first area's that could have camera's installed at is Hixson Pike's S-curves.City Council woman Sally Robinson says making the S-curves safe is a major concern.
    Councilwoman Robinson adds, “There are a lot of people who are supportive of cameras but there are people who feel it's not in their best interest. They like going fast through there and they don't want to slow down. But we have to do what's good for everyone.”
    Robinson says there will be nothing sneaky about the cameras -- because there will be signs out there much like this one to warn you.

    If you are caught speeding by one of these cameras -- the maximum fine is 50 dollars plus court costs and it is not reported to your insurance.

    The revenue generated by these tickets will pay local police personnel in charge of the cameras and the remainder of the money will be used by the city on traffic projects in problem areas.

    It will be 2-3 months before cameras are installed, tested and begin snapping pictures.
    Not long after the cameras are put in place along the S-curves, two vans -- that will be with cameras to catch speeders will begin moving locations. In addition the city will order about 16 red light cameras install at intersections that tend to have high number of accidents.

    According to John Van Winkle, Tuesday's vote allows the city to write tickets based on pictures from the cameras. The contract to purchase the cameras and equipment was approved last Tuesday.,%25Y

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    that's excellent if it doesn't go in your record, i wish it could be like that everywhere



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