School Zone Speeders
Groggy-eyed morning drivers are getting a wake up call this week in Sioux Falls' school zones. Police are cracking down on speeders and some of the biggest violators are parents themselves.

Brian Crozier has been patrolling school zones for 16 years and for 16 years he's seen the same thing: people who drive faster than the posted 15 mph speed limit.

"Reason I stopped you is because you were traveling 26 in a 15 zone out here," said Crozier.
Unlike other neighborhood schools, Axtell Park is next to a busy four-lane street. Kids, whether on foot or on bike, are more at risk when drivers don't slow down.

"We've had parents who drop their kids off at school, leave and speed right up to 30-35 mph in the school zone they just dropped their children off at."

Flashing yellow lights and posted 15 mph speed limit signs still catch some people by surprise.

"I think they become complacent and everyday life becomes mundane and in a routine and they just forget how dangerous it is for the other kids in the zone as well as their own."

Like the woman he pulled over Monday morning near Axtell.

"What I'm going to do is issue you a citation for school zone speeding and get you right back on your way," said Crozier.

Police say there have been a handful of accidents involving children over the years, but none recently.

"I'd like to think that we're in the schools, maintaining a safe environment."

"How much is it? It's 99 dollars! Wow!"

The fine a person faces depends on how fast they were driving. 1-5 mph over the limit $59.
6-10 mph over the limit $69, 11-15 mph over the limit $99, 16-25 mph over the limit $119, over 26 mph $194.