I just saw this on the news (any news station in NY is reporting this), but NYST's have a new 'law'/policy:

People can not bargain their way out of speeding ticket (no more making a plea to reduce the speeding ticket to a 1110-A citation). -2 Points-

Looks like the local courts are going to be busy... your only choices now are to go to court, or pay the full charge... no way to plead it down at all, or get a 'dirty lisence plate' for a speeding infraction.

Lets see how long this lasts, before local courts get overwhelmed and backed up.

Looks like the thruway is an even more dangerous place... without a Top 3/4 RD, your toast... and a jammer is now a MUST (as if it wasn't needed even when you could plea).

Looks like I need a Jammer and CB sooner then I thought. :shock: