New Speed Cameras; Speed Limit Raised?

by Rachel Gabrielsen

DAVENPORT - Even more electronic eyes will be on the streets of Davenport with two more speed cameras added. But you might be able to go a little faster than usual through them.

Two cameras will be at the 1900 block of Kimberly Road and the 1300 block of River Drive. Davenport officials are considering increasing the speed limit from 35 to 45 miles per hour.

Many Davenport drivers think officials could find better places for the cameras but officials urge they do keep us all safer.

"Because people are speeding and running red lights and that's dangerous and there are not enough police and cannot be enough police," said Mayor Ed Winborn.

"The only place I can honestly say that need cameras is if they care about the children," said Michael Boire. "Put them in front of schools. Catch those people."

A decision is supposed to be made by the Davenport City Counsel about the speed increase later next week.