September 19. 2006 6:59AM
Enforcement slows Niles Township traffic

Tribune Staff Report

NILES -- Stepped up enforcement of traffic regulations on South Third Street in Niles Township apparently has made travel safer in the area, a Berrien County Sheriff's Department deputy says.

Sgt. Randall Miller told the township board Monday night 24 traffic citations, including 10 for speeding, were issued on or near South Third Street between July 3 and Aug. 19.

During that same period, the road stretch had only two accidents, and neither involved injuries, Miller said. He said an electronic sign that registers vehicle speeds may have acted as a deterrent as well.

Miller told the board earlier that deputies had increased patrols on South Third, from the state line to Fulkerson Road, after receiving complaints about heavy trucks using the segment. Miller pointed out the road is off-limits to through truck traffic.

But it's not just trucks that have attracted the department's attention. After schools reopened, Miller said the department stepped up enforcement on 17th Street where there's heavy school traffic.

"Our goal is to get people to slow down,'' he said.