Moline police get $47,415; speeders get warning

By Jason Fechner

MOLINE, Illinois -- Moline's Police Department wants to work to slow down speeders on the city's most dangerous streets.

And Illinois' Department of Transportation wants to help.

"We've applied for the grant and have been granted the grant," said Moline Police Chief Gary Francque, "and I'm asking for approval to enter into an agreement with the Department of Transportation."

At a Moline City Council meeting Tuesday night, the council voted to allow the police department the ability to accept a $47,415 grant from the DOT. The grant will provide funds to put more officers on patrol on the Avenue of the Cities, 19th Street and 12th Street.

Those are the roadways where the city, and neighborhood residents, have seen the most speed-related accidents.

"You do see people coming up the hill who don't slow down a whole lot," said Terry Roberts, a longtime 12th street resident. "They don't have to because they don't have a stop sign."

"That's a bad intersection down there," said Bill Gustafson. "You can't see going down and coming up-- they think they got the clear-shot and they don't."

Neighbors hope having more officers on patrol will be a big benefit to those communities, despite the fact those neighbors won't know where or when more officers will be searching for speeders.

"The cars, from stop sign to stop sign, for about two blocks seem to speed a lot and there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood," Roberts said. "We didn't have any problems for a while but now it's quite... quite a few... I think it's a great thing-- I think we need it."