Law Enforcement Officials Make Numerous Arrests in Friday Night Check Lane
Lisa Boschert

To oncoming cars it may have looked like a blur of lights: more than 88 officers clogged up Interstate-70 near the Carnahan exit. Authorities say officers checked more than a thousand vehicles to make sure the driver's had valid license information, they were buckled up and were not under the influence. It was an effort spearheaded by the Topeka Police Department, but included Shawnee County Sheriff's deputies, Kansas Highway Patrol Troopers, and FBI agents.

Officers say about 20 people were taken into custody for a variety of charges including warrants, possession of drugs and 5 DUI arrests.
Authorities say one of the big totals for the night was for possible number of illegal immigrants traveling on Kansas roads. 48 people were taken into custody on possible immigration violations. Authorities say at one point there were not enough wreckers to tow away the cars driven by people taken into custody. Overall, TPD says it was a successful night in the continued fight to keep criminal activities off of Kansas roads. The officers continued to check cars until about 1:00 a.m. Saturday.