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Police fine 130 young drivers for speeding in two nights on the same stretch of road
Juan Soto
Three of the drivers caught by radar were going at more than 100 kph

Last weekend a police checkpoint set up in the city of Malaga’s Calle Pacífico, which runs along the seafront to the west of the city centre, caught as many as 137 young drivers travelling over the speed limit in just two nights. The controls were carried out in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning at a point where the speed of traffic is a constant cause of complaint for local residents.

Drivers caught speeding on radar were also required to produce their vehicle’s documents and undergo a breathalyser test.

Of the 137 drivers caught travelling over the speed limit three cases have been referred to the courts as the vehicles were going at more than double the speed limit. One was doing 147 kilometres per hour, another 110 and the third 103, when the limit in the area is 50.

Police speed controls in this particular area are common as it is thought that the road is used for illegal races. In fact one of the drivers fiend last weekend admitted that he was competing.

Also last weekend three drivers were fined for failing to produce the correct documents and only one was charged with drunk driving.