10/04/06 Illinois State Police to put extra patrols on drinking and driving as well as construction zones.
The Illinois State Police in District 12 will be manning "Give Em A Brake" Construction Zone patrols in the district for the month of October. District 12 counties include Fayette and Marion. These patrols are designed to promote a safer atmosphere for the workers as well as other motorists.

Officers working the GABZ details concentrate their enforcement efforts on violations exceeding the posted 45 MPH speed zones as well as Failure to Yield violations. Remember if a person is found guilty of speeding in a construction zone, the fine could be up to 200-dollars.

It was also announced today that District 12 Troopers will work with local law enforcement agencies to conduct Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement patrols in Marion County during October. The ACE patrols allow the Illinois State Police to target an area with saturation patrols that focus on preventing, detecting, and taking enforcement action in response to violations associated with impaired driving and illegal transportation or consumption of alcohol and other drugs.

ACE patrols are part of the "You drink and drive, you lose" campaign and are funded through a grant from the United States Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.