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    Default Radar Love....

    Today published an article that I was interviewed on regarding radar detectors and laser jammers.

    Radar love: CHP stays step ahead of speeders
    By Roman Gokhman, STAFF WRITER
    Article Last Updated:10/07/2006 02:43:44 AM PDT
    You're driving to work, running a little late. You're going a few miles over the speed limit, but that's OK because you have the latest in radar detection technology.
    That is, until you see the red and blue lights of the California Highway Patrol and get a citation that will make you see red.

    More and more people are finding out that their radar detectors don't do them any good against officers using lidar, an infrared laser that can catch speeders from 1,000 feet away. Despite several technologies available to make cars "invisible," to police, the best way to avoid a ticket remains the same.

    "Drive at a safe and prudent speed," Dublin CHP Officer Steve Creel said.

    Whether from the air or the ground, police have three ways to spot and ticket speeders: radar, lidar and vascar. Radar is the most common.

    A radar gun sends out radio waves at a specific frequency at the speed of light in a conical pattern. Any moving object that passes through any part of the cone hits the signal an officer does not have to point directly to a specific car. The size of the cone varies.
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    Then theres Radar Ruy, supplier of fine Laser Jammers :wink:

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    i bet they own thousands of rd's user of any kind with lidar, especially the dump ones who think that laser detection can save them from lidar tickets

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    Lidar is always mounted to a vehicle.
    Ummmm.... okay..... :?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MerkXRTurbo
    Lidar is always mounted to a vehicle.
    Ummmm.... okay..... :?
    That would make it tricky to aim... "oof, I just need to get it up a little higher... dang, this Crown Vic weighs a ton!"
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