El Paso Adds More Red Light Cameras

POSTED: 8:19 am MDT October 11, 2006

There are now 10 intersections across El Paso with red light cameras in use.

Those caught running a red light will be fined $75, though the violation will not go on their driving record.

Many drivers believe the fine is a small price to pay for the cameras' benefits.

"You know $75 dollars verses being in an accident is probably a better deal," said Tommy Armendariz of East El Paso.

At Zaragosa and Gateway East, signs warn drivers the camera is in use.

Still, while many drivers have taken note of the cameras, some believe the city - along with El Paso police - have not done a good job educating drivers exactly why the cameras are in place.

"I don't think I received a whole lot of information about that, but once I found out it was in place, I didn't think there was any problem," said Daniel Marin of West El Paso.

Many drivers said they didn't mind having the extra enforcement in certain busy intersections.

East El Paso resident Michael Hernandez said, "I think they are going to be very beneficial ... Hopefully people obey; hopefully the cameras will help people slow down at the yellow lights."

Armendariz said he thinks drivers will be more careful with the cameras in place.

El Paso police said they will start sending out citations to the public after Oct. 15.