Quincy Police step up speeding patrols
Photo by Melissa Shriver
Traffic on Broadway in Quincy needs to slow down as police step up patrols.

By Melissa Shriver
Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 10:09 PM

QUINCY, ILL. -- If you're driving down Broadway or any other street in Quincy, check your speed because chances are police will be checking it for you.

It's all part of a new program thanks to a state grant that allows Quincy police to step up patrols to crack down on speeders. According to police logs, in the past two days police have nabbed 23 drivers for speeding and other traffic violations.

"That's our real goal in this...to reduce accidents overall, reduce property damage and make the streets safer for everyone," Deputy Chief Ron Dreyer with the Quincy Police Department said.

One of the reasons that this program is focused on Broadway is because 25 percent of all accidents on this street are caused by speeding. Police say safety is the goal, not issuing tickets.

"It's not a trap, I challenge anyone to tell me why it's a trap," Dreyer said. "We're out here in marked cars, the speed limit is posted. And frankly we're not going to ignore the speed limit in the city of Quincy. If people choose to ignore it, we'll enforce it as much as possible."

Deputy Chief Dreyer says increased patrols have helped other cities reduce crashes caused by speeding. He says the Quincy Police department has also received another grant to fight impaired driving.

KHQA wondered where the money from a $75 speeding ticket goes.

We talked with Adams County Circuit Clerk Randy Frese and he gave us this break-out.

Five dollars of your ticket go to court automation costs and another $5 go to document storage. The County gets $25, while the agency who issues the ticket gets the fine money which adds up to almost $29. Meanwhile, the state takes in about $11 of your speeding ticket.