(KSDK) - The Maryland Heights Police Department at the Missouri Department of Transportation are working together to keep highway workers safe.

On Friday, they targeted drivers speeding in a construction zone along Interstate 270 between Page Ave. and Dorsett Rd.

Just as morning rush hour came to an end, the Maryland Heights Police Department got started pulling over drivers speeding through the construction zone.

This is the same location where a MoDOT truck was rear-ended last month.

Police did a trial run on Thursday, and it didn't take long to catch speeding motorists.

"The very first cars we clocked were driving through at 87 mph through the workzone, and they were within feet of workers," said Maryland Heights Police Lt. Joseph Delia.

Drivers caught speeding through construction zones will get a court date in addition to a ticket.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol conducted similar traffic stops last month called Operation Protect. Unmarked police pickups sat in the construction zone with radar guns trained on motorists.

Officers were in plain view Friday, and not by mistake.

"We want people to know we're going to be there. We're not trying to sneak up on anybody. We want to raise public awareness for these highway workers because we are their only line of defense," said Delia.

MoDOT spokesperson Tom Blair said the tickets seem to be working.

"We're noticing some difference. They definitely is some impact this year," said Blair.

"I think unfortunately like a lot of things, enforcement plays a key role in making our work zone safe, and it always will. We have to have that fear of being caught speeding to force us to behave the way we need to behave."

MoDOT is also noticing a difference among its workers.

"They're just honored to be able to actually have the police officers out there watching them, so they can feel a little bit safer doing their work (and) feel a little more confident that they can actually make it home to see their families," said Blair.

It isn't clear how many tickets Maryland Heights police wrote on Friday.

Missouri State Highway Patrol officers will be ticketing drivers again next Thursday.