CORPUS CHRISTI - The city is now installing cameras at selected intersections to catch drivers who run red lights. One camera has already been set up at Staples and Williams. A second one has been installed at Everhart and Holly. A third camera, will be installed at Ayers and Gollihar.

Different camera systems are being used at each intersection, so the police department can evaluate their quality versus cost. But each of the systems will basically do the same thing.

If the light turns red and you have stopped before the crosswalk, you're safe. Even if you stop on the crosswalk, you won't get a ticket. Police will be looking for vehicles that either stop in the intersection or run through it completely. Some residents like the idea of a red light camera, other's do not. Lawrence Farah thinks the cameras could make traffic problems worse.

"I think the red light cameras are bad because people are going to start stopping too quickly, and people behind them are going to start stopping and you could have collisions from behind. Just on the premise that people don't want to get a ticket," he said. But others said it's a good idea.

"Yeah I think it will help out, catch a lot of people. A lot people run lights at night...late night," said Lorenzo Urtado.

"It's better for me because it keeps me safer, because I'm a safe driver. Now other people are gonna know that it's there and they're not going to want to get a ticket," said Sarah Fleishman.

But again, at this point the city is just testing the cameras, and no tickets will be issued until they decide to actually use one of the systems and put them into operation.

Online Reporter: Matt Terhune