Red Light Camera Locations Approved

It's been a hot-button issue for years and now we know where Lubbock's first red lights cameras will most likely be installed.

Tuesday morning, Lubbock's Traffic Commission approved 12 locations that they say should get red light cameras. Their next step will be to decide the cameras' exact positioning. Those cameras will take pictures of the violator's license plate, and then a ticket is sent to the owner of the vehicle.

Traffic engineer Jere Hart says it's a way to improve safety on Lubbock streets.

"It's a safety issue. There's problems with people running red lights. They kill people and they seriously injure people and we want that to stop," Hart said.

Hart says the annual revenue from tickets issued could be between $1.5 to $2 million.

We're also told, we can see red light cameras in place sometime between late February and early April.

"We'll cover the ordinance at next month's Citizens Traffic Commission meeting followed by the ordinance going to the city council, and our goal is to have a contract by the last city council meeting in December. That will given them time to have them built and operation by early next year," Hart said.

The proposed locations are as follows:

* 82nd and University
* 19th and Erskine
* 4th and Frankford
* 19th and Indiana
* 50th and Indiana
* 50th and University
* Avenue Q and Broadway
* Parkway Drive
* 82nd and Frankford
* 82nd and Slide
* Loop 289 and US-87
* US-87 and Slaton Highway