DGT traffic authority to have 300 speed traps by the end of the year
By h.b.
Thu, 19 Oct 2006, 08:42

One of the traffic speed trap radars - Photo DGT website

The DGT traffic authorities are to spend 8.5 million € on new speed trap radars in an effort to control speeding on Spanish roads.

The spend is part of a 14 million € total budget, and will see 80 new speed traps installed by the end of the year across the country, except the Basque Country and Cataluña where the responsibility has been passed to the local regions.

Trafico has already awarded the tender for the installation of the radars in five of the seven regions under its control. Those is Madrid and Málaga are still be awarded.

Trafico has not indicated where the new speed traps are to be installed. There will be 300 speed traps installed by the end of the year.

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