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    Default Chinese Law-enforcement Forces to Drive Hyundai Cars

    Chinese Law-enforcement Forces to Drive Hyundai Cars
    The mid-sized Hyundai Avante XD is to become an official car for the Chinese law-enforcement forces. Germany's Volkswagen supplied them so far. Beijing Hyundai Automotive Corp., a 50-50 joint venture between South Korea's Hyundai Motor and Beijing Automotive, said Wednesday it signed a contract with the Chinese authorities to supply 2,032 Avante XDs (which are called Elantra in China) from mid-October. The Elantra made its debut in the Chinese market in December 2003 and is Beijing Hyundai’s flagship model with rising sales at 176,589 last year, second in China, and 127,827 between the beginning of this year and September.

    A Hyundai official said the deal shows that the Chinese agency “recognizes the product quality and technological power of Beijing Hyundai.” He vowed Hyundai will take the lead in Chinese “auto culture” by constantly improving quality and customer satisfaction.

    Hyundai's Chinese subsidiary sold 28,799 units last month, the record since it was established in 2002, and sold altogether 641,872 cars so far. Hyundai is well positioned to reach 650,000 in sales within four years, the highest sales number posted in the shortest period of time in the history of the Chinese auto industry.

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    The VW's they had were just rehashed mid 1980's VW Santanas (Quantum in the USA).

    They also had some Jettas:

    Look carefully, that's a cleverly freshened 1985-92 model



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