Marlow Hill speed limit may rise

THE speed limit on Marlow Hill, High Wycombe, could be raised from 30 to 40mph following the publication of new Government guidelines.

Buckinghamshire County Council is now raising the matter for public consultation and the proposal has come about partly as a consequence of roadworks at Handy Cross.

A temporary 40mph speed limit has been introduced between Wordsworth Road and the Handy Cross Roundabout for the period of the roadworks, which are now close to being finished.

The council wants the limit to be made permanent because it believes 40mph is an appropriate speed for drivers to approach the new layout at the Handy Cross junction.

Jill Hemmings, a council spokesman, said: "To ensure a consistent speed limit along the uphill carriageway of Marlow Hill, proposals are also being made to increase the existing 30mph speed limit to 40mph between Abbey Way and Wordsworth Road."

Valerie Letheren, Cabinet Member for Transportation said the council was committed to road casualty reduction and added: "It makes good sense to have a consistent speed limit going up Marlow Hill from the bottom as far as the Handy Cross roundabout."

Dan Campsall, communications manager for Thames Valley Safer Road Partnership said the present 30mph speed limit would be enforced throughout the consultation period."

The 30mph limit on the downhill stretch will not be altered.

Details of the proposals may be viewed at High Wycombe library or the County Council Area Office in Easton Street. Comments are invited by November 10
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