Grant helps Tazewell Co. sheriffs track speeders
Tazewell County speeding grant

Posted: Friday, October 20, 2006 at 4:41 PM

PEKIN (AP) -- If you have a need to speed while driving, watch out.

The Tazewell County Sheriff's Department is cracking down on speeders through a tough enforcement program beginning in November.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is giving money to the county for the project because other campaigns aimed at drunk driving and seat belt use were so successful.

Tazewell County Sheriff’s Cap. Jeff Lower said Tazewell County was selected because of its fatality rate.

"I know they had over 200 applications for this program,” Lower said. “I know that one of the reasons is that because of our fatality rate and we we were able to show that we do need the help."

The grant has helped to pay for a speed monitoring trailer that will be used to collect data.

More police will also be on the roads to help with enforcement.

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