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    Vanavond RTL spend boulevard attention on the new '
    superlasergun '. A camera plough followed car week at testing the

    The police force bought recently new lasergun. The office movement
    maintaining is in its nopjes with what them the ` superlasergun
    call. He can measure this way large distance on wide two times such as
    the old lasergun, justice claims. Moreover is new grant,
    differently than its predecessor, insensitively for lasershields.
    movement officer of justice chose Spee calls thus triumphant that
    lasershields off-side stands. For this reason we had this way our
    doubts at those statements and regulated themselves such `
    superlasergun. Armed with this toestel and some cars, of which
    one had equipped with lasershield, car week himself dagje
    laseren went. And we reached two remarkable conclusions. One
    questions remain unanswered: does justice play blufpoker, or them a
    cat in the pocket has simply bought? We carried out our test in good
    gezelschap. RTL boulevard were also, and the reportage which
    they made is vanavond transmitted, around 18.35 on RTL 4. the
    exhaustive test stands in car week 22, which lies now in the shops. 8)


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    So if I understand this correctly, they put this new gun up against a laser shield alone and are excited because they got a speed reading? Ha! I bet it can still be beaten with the proper combination of countermeasures. 8)



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