Over 20% of Speed Cameras Fake

One fifth of speed cameras on highways across the country are bogus.

According to the Korea Highway Corporation yesterday, of 315 speed cameras on the nation’s 24 highways, 269 are real, set up by police. The remaining 75 cameras, or about 21 percent, are models temporarily installed by the corporation.

The police said last year that they would remove all fake cameras on highways, as civic groups claimed the installation of the models infringes on human rights, although they might prevent speeding.

The corporation, which does not have the authority to set up speed cameras, installed bogus ones. Only nine highways of the 24 across the nation did not have a single fake camera.

``We put up the model cameras temporarily until the police set up real ones in locations where speeding accidents frequently occur,’’ a corporation official said.
10-22-2006 19:06