Motorists angry at new ‘40mph plan’
By Sitala Peek
Fraser Wilson got trapped just a few days after receiving his driver's licence
Fraser Wilson got trapped just a few days after receiving his driver's licence

THE controversy over Marlow Hill's notorious speed trap has sparked a fresh round of comments from people frustrated at being caught out by the camera, after it was revealed that the limit is likely to be increased.

Angry motorists, who have been fined, reacted with fury after Midweek's sister paper, The Free Press, revealed that the limit may be increased from 30mph to 40mph. They have said that if the change is made they will demand their money back from police and ask them to wipe the points off their licences.

The move is being discussed by the county council following guidance from the Department for Transport and although drivers have backed the move to increase the limit from 30mph to 40mph, some feel the camera should go.

The issue reached national level after it was discussed on BBC's Five Live morning programme yesterday.

Mike Race, 70, pictured right, of Deeds Grove was approached by the station and has been flooded with stories from drivers after he spoke out last week, and said he would be demanding his money back and other people should do the same.

He was caught out twice by the camera on Marlow Hill, High Wycombe, within 15 minutes on December 12, 2005 and was fined £120 and given six penalty points. He said: "There are several people who feel very aggrieved about this stretch of road. I am not against cameras but I am against this stretch where you just cannot help but give money to the police.

"One 74-year-old gentleman called me and said he had never had a crash, never had an accident and never been done for drink driving and then he got picked up for doing 34mph and got fined."

Other motorists have also come forward to support the move. Fraser Wilson, 20, of Gosling Grove, paid a heavy price for his mistake, racking up three points on his licence, half the amount allowed for new drivers before they are banned. Mr Wilson had passed his test only a few days before he was clocked in January last year and had to pay a £60 fine plus £200 more for his car insurance.

He said: "I think it's great they want to put it up to 40mph, although I genuinely thought it was 40 already. I know half way up there is a sign saying 40mph. I just got confused."

Mr Wilson is not the only person who found it hard sticking to the speed limit. Cllr Pauline Wilkinson lost her licence last year after she was caught speeding twice in one day and said she thought that 40mph was a much more sensible limit.

Mr Race said he thinks that at the moment the punishment doesn't fit the crime and added: "My insurance has now gone up and I had to find another company because my original company wanted to charge me even more."

"I am 70 years old. I am an old man and I am made to look like a flipping speed machine."

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