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Speed Cameras On Trial In New Case
Last Edited: Tuesday, 24 Oct 2006, 10:00 AM CDT
Created: Tuesday, 24 Oct 2006, 5:00 AM CDT
10/24/2006 --

Opponents of speed cameras are hoping a legal challenge will leave police forces paying back millions of pounds in fines.

The case hinges on whether or not civilians working for the police can catch motorists driving over the limit.

A businessman from Wiltshire, who faces a ??60 fine and three penalty points, has challenged the Crown Prosecution Service to show where - in law - such people can be used.

The Police Reform Act of 2002 gave chief constables the power to employ civilians in some roles.

Camera partnerships which operate the equipment often use retired police officers or traffic wardens to catch motorists.

But Mike Morgan, who runs an anti-speed camera website, believes camera partnerships are acting outside of the law.

"We have sought top legal advice and they agree there is no Act of Parliament that gives the civilian camera operators the empowerment to give primary evidence - only a police officer can do that."

At an earlier hearing, the man's lawyers persuaded Devizes magistrates to call on the CPS to justify the legal basis for using civilians.

If the case succeeds, thousands of motorists prosecuted for speeding in this way could have their offences overturned.

According to The Mail On Sunday, 11 of the UK's 42 camera partnerships said civilians operate mobile devices.

The spokeswoman for the Association Of Chief Police Officers said: "We are satisfied that the position is legal and at the outset of this process obtained legal advice that supported this position."