Scores of motorists were caught speeding on the first day of a police blitz on traffic offences.
The first morning of the new zero-tolerance clampdown on Bermuda's roads on Friday saw 20 drivers caught travelling at speeds of 54 kph and faster.
Figures released by Police also revealed that 38 offenders hit speeds between 51 and 54 kph in rush hour, while 12 broke the speed limit up to 50 kph.
Police have drafted in more than 20 extra officers including plain-clothed CID cops to help tackle all motoring offences, from speeding to "third laning" on motorbikes.
Last week they rejected the widely-held notion that Bermuda had an "unofficial" speed limit higher than 35 kph and warned that anyone caught travelling above it would be ticketed.
Other offenders caught in the clampdown included 27 drivers who disobeyed a traffic sign and four stopped for careless driving.
There were five unlicensed cars, two unlicensed bikes, four people with no third party insurance and eight people driving without a licence.
One culprit had a faulty brake light, while three were stopped for not belting up.
A total of 130 tickets were issued as part of what is an ongoing safety initiative.
A spokesman said Police would be highly visible on the roads for the "foreseeable future".