DAVENPORT - If you drive through Davenport, you'll want to watch your speed at the intersection of East River Drive and College Avenue.

The city's newest speed cameras started snapping photos at noon Monday. The speed limit on East River Drive has also been raised to 40 miles an hour.

After reviewing a survey of drivers in the area, the Iowa Department of Transportation decided to post higher speed limits on River Drive and on West Kimberly Road at Brady Street.

Davenport police say you'll get a ticket for going faster than 12 miles an hour over the speed limit. That will be in effect for a few months so you can get used to the new cameras.

Some drivers say they've been caught off guard and have mixed reactions about how effective the cameras are.

"I think they are effective to some extent because I think sometimes it's over-reacting because if you're only going two miles over, it's not going to be a dangerous thing," said Heather Wheeler of Silvis, Illinois.

Davenport police say another set of speed cameras are being installed at the 1900 block of West Kimberly Road.