A recent Shenandoah (Texas) Police Department press release (dated October 30) boost the department received 2 lidars valued at about $2,500 each. The press release states the lidars have an effective range of up to 3,280 feet (1,093 yards -- about 3 football fields end to end) and can measure vehicle speeds between "1 mph to 200 mph with unsurpassed accuracy". The release goes on to state lidars are more advanced than standard microwave police radar.

While the lidar electronic circuits and software may process vehicles at a range of 3,280 feet, reality is at that distance the target vehicle reflected energy is going to be too small to detect the echo (except maybe under vary specific and set up circumstances). Effective lidar range is typically less than 1,000 feet.

Also the slower the vehicle speed, the more difficult it is for police radar (laser or microwave) to measure speed accurately. Typically 5 or 10 mph minimum speed is required. Also lidars do not possess unsurpassed accuracy, most microwave radars are at least as accurate as lidar ( 1 mph). Lidars are not more advanced than microwave, only newer and different (better target selection, but shorter operating range and should not be operated from behind glass -- windshields, side windows etc.).

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