Police target speeding drivers with laser guns
By David Doyle

POLICE have got speeding drivers in their sights, after being trained to use a state-of-the-art laser gun.

Officers from safe neighbourhood teams in Hillingdon, north-west London, have learned how to handle the LTI20.20.

It is hoped the gun, which bounces a laser beam off cars to calculate their speed, will cut down the number of crashes on the borough's traffic blackspots.

The police insist the gun will not be used to raise funds by targeting "rat runs" around schools and hospitals but will be a high-visibility deterrent with the aim of saving lives.

Sergeant Pete Law from the Ruislip Manor team said: "The use of the device will enable police to effectively deal with motorists who show no regard for speed limits in problem areas.

"Hillingdon residents have complained about speeding motorists, and by use of the device, speeding motorists will be identified and prosecuted where applicable.

"We are also looking to educate and advise drivers on the effects of speeding, and how this has caused misery to Hillingdon residents, and other law abiding drivers".

The speed gun caused controversy last year when a Daily Mail investigation showed the gun recording a speed of 44mph on a brick wall.

But police insist that in the right hands the laser guns will reduce speeding crime in the borough.

Hillingdon police spokeswoman Narinder Minhas said: "Our officers are very highly trained, they aren't just given the guns.

"The high-visibility operation is aimed at cutting down the number of casualties and accidents on Hillingdon roads."

Chief Inspector Maurice Hartnett at Uxbridge police station said: "This is an example of safer neighbourhoods teams in action responding to the policing issues that local people want us to deal with.

"This will make the roads of Hillingdon safer for all to use."

The speed guns will be used in Charville, Ruislip Manor, Cavendish, West Ruislip, South Ruislip and Harefield wards.