Slow down in Auburn: Police buy new radar gun
Saturday, November 11, 2006

Keep an eye on the speedometer if you're driving in Auburn.

The city's two-man police department is buying a new radar gun.

It's sure to work better than the old one, which was 26 years old and finally broke a couple of weeks ago.

City commissioners agreed at a meeting this week to purchase the new unit, which costs about $1,500 and has more features than the ''antique'' gun the department was using, said Police Chief Jim Klann.

The old unit would only track traffic coming toward a police car, or when a police car was parked.

''The new one, you can have a car coming toward you, in front of you or behind you, it measures them all,'' the chief said.

Some area motorists aren't as excited.

''It's good for them, not for us,'' said Jeremy Kendall, 16, and on lunch break from Western High School.

''It's going to make me drive slower,'' said another student, Mike Andrzejewski, 17. ''They're going to want to try out their new toy.''

Klann said he's ordered the new ''Golden Eagle'' radar gun from a Kansas company, but isn't sure when the department will begin using it.

The new device will be mounted in Officer Sylvester Poltorak's car.

''They'll have to guess 'Well, does he have it now or not?''' Klann said of motorists.

In the meantime, the chief is still using a 27-year-old radar unit in his car, which still works, but only when his car is parked.

''We'll have the latest in technology,'' Klann said of the new purchase. ''Finally, we're coming into the 21st Century.''

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