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    Default Oz-Road rules officers told to stay in cars

    The Daily Telegraph
    November 14, 2006 12:00

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    NEW South Wales police have been told to conduct stationary radar checks and random breath testing from their cars following the roadside death of an officer.

    Senior Constable Peter Gordon Wilson, 41, was conducting speed checks on the F3 Freeway at Somersby, north of Sydney, on Saturday when he was run over by a four-wheel drive vehicle.

    NSW Police Traffic Commander Chief Superintendent John Hartley today told all commanders that stationary radar and RBT operations will now have to be conducted from a police car.

    "From today, all stationary LIDAR operations will only be conducted from a police vehicle and a police car will be utilised to stop the offending vehicle," Mr Hartley said.

    "The only exemption to this direction will be in the enforcement of school zones."

    He said stationary RBTs would only be undertaken in speed zones of 80kph or less but the changes would not apply to mobile RBT units.

    Mr Hartley said he was confident there would be no significant reduction in speed or drink driving enforcement following the changes.

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    yeah it was my mates sister that hit the cop...she was hit from behind and pushed into the cop...



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