A New Speed Limit for I-25?
Last Edited: Monday, 27 Nov 2006, 9:05 AM MST
Created: Monday, 27 Nov 2006, 9:05 AM MST

DENVER -- After six or seven years, speeding along I-25 on the south side of metro Denver has become an issue once again.

Police didn't worry so much about it during T-Rex construction, because it was too hard for people to drive fast.

But now the construction project is over, new lanes are open between Lincoln Avenue on the extreme south and Broadway on the north, and commuters are speeding again.

Speeds are up so much, that traffic engineers are looking at the possibility of raising the speed limit from 55 miles per hour to 65 miles per hour.

Watch the video to get more details about this proposal from Fox 31 News reporter Melissa Mollet. She was at I-25 and Logan during the mornig rush hour Monday.