Women drivers 'more likely to obey speed cameras'

Female drivers are more likely to protect their women's car insurance premiums by complying with speed cameras, research has found.

The findings by Brunel University show that 56 per cent of women drivers comply with speed cameras, compared with 39 per cent of men.

In addition, 36 per cent of female drivers thought the aim of speed cameras was to generate money from drivers compared with 52 per cent of men.

Claire Corbett, director of Brunel's criminal justice research group and author of the study, told the Times: "Our findings and those of other research together show that women tend to drive more safely and think more about driving and road-safety matters than men.

"Women are more compliant in their behaviour and it seems that men are more keen, perhaps biologically and culturally, to engage in risky behaviour."

According to the publication, the study found that road safety policies were flawed because they did not take into account that male attitudes to speed were a problem and that they were more likely to drive at above the speed limit.

A survey by the Department for Transport found that male drivers are more likely to take dangerous risks than females, something reflected in the often cheaper women's car insurance premiums received by female motorists.

Kwik-Fit Insurance was found by independent research to be the cheapest women's car insurance provider in the UK.