What Does He Know That We Don't?

Safety On Cambridge NOW!

Slow Down On My Street Please!

The acts of youth often produce sound solutions for everyday problem solving.

Liam knows that speed kills and he's only 8 1/2 years old. Like many other kids in Waterloo Region he lives on a busy street. His house his half way up a sizeable grade and he noticed that motorists like to accelerate when going both up and down the hill. It was unnerving and made him feel vulnerable when he was close to the road.

Unlike many adults, Liam has a healthy fear and respect for vehicles in motion. They are harder and bigger than the human body and they move much quicker as well. So as traffic volume increased on his block he decided to let the passing drivers know that you don't need a police radar trap to detect when people are speeding. He told his parents he was going to make a cardboard traffic alert sign, stand on the sidewalk and make eye and visual contact with those drivers who have turned his street into an urban speedway. It worked.

People that weren't speeding reduced their speed even further, some went as far as to roll down the windows and reassured him that they weren't breaking the law. Even those that were speeding acknowledged that his point was duly noted and many reduced their speed. Then there were others who grimaced and would not allow some kid to tell them how to drive ... some people just can't be reached.

All in all, it made for a good Saturday afternoon's entertainment and a safer street for kids to play and for pedestrians to walk.

Thanks Liam! With kids like you looking out for us, Waterloo Region will be a safer place to live--for everyone.