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    Default AR - Daring To Drive The Speed Limit (VIDEO)

    Watch the video...that has to be the most annoying cop i've ever seen.. "even if u are going 1 mph over the speed limit you are breaking the law."
    sure that is true, but i mean come on, u may think ur going 40 b/c thats what ur speedo says but its a fraction off so u could actually be going 41...yes the speed limit to me is a starting point because frankly its so low that u can easily drive at least 10 mph over safely and comfortably

    he defines the type of cop i hate

    Daring To Drive The Speed Limit

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    On every road, there's a speed limit sign. For many drivers it's not a maximum speed but a starting point.

    "The speed limit's the speed limit. If you're one mile over, you're breaking the law," says Little Rock Police Lt. Terry Hastings.

    Today’s THV takes him take a ride with us just to see what happens when you drive the speed limit. First, we head out of downtown on Cantrell Road in our news car complete with a camera up front and one pointing out the back. The experiment is to drive the speed limit and see what happens.

    “It's amazing. Most people don't pay attention to speed limit signs, especially in the city like this. They think, 'Oh, I won't get going that fast,’" says Hastings.

    Just a few minutes in our drive, we start being passed.

    "We're running 35 and he's probably running 45 right into that intersection there," comments Hastings at a passing car.

    A silver truck does the same darting in and out of traffic.

    "He was tailgating, he was in a hurry," says Hastings. “Scoot on up to him and lets just see how fast he's running." As we drive closer Hastings comments, “He's running 50 -52 in a 40 mile an hour zone."

    Next, we travel down to Interstate 630. Just getting on the highway is a challenge.

    "You got people like this who keep speeding up. You got a blinker on, but they don't pay any attention. They're in a hurry," says Hastings.

    The car speeds past us and were on the interstate. At the 60 mph speed limit, few cars drive with us. Most pass us. Even with little traffic, repeatedly, we're tailgated before the car behind us switches lanes.

    "They don't realize the importance of driving. You're driving a bullet down the interstate," says Hastings.

    Hastings says slowing down to the speed limit could cut accidents in the city by half.

    "There's more life lost and there's more property damage done in a month in traffic accidents than in all other crimes for a year combined,(Does this only reflect speeding?!..what about drunk driving, running red lights, not stopping at stop signs, driving while stoned etc...)" says Hastings.

    Tailgating is a problem, too. A white van behind us switches lanes. Instantly, you see a black car, which was following too close, speed by. Road warriors say scenes like this can be frustrating.

    One driver says, "That bothers me when people get on your bumper because you're not going 75 in a 35 mph zone."

    "Mostly, they fly around like I'm parked," says another driver.

    Others say speeding is just part of today’s driving world.

    "Maybe [I go] just about 5 miles over. You've got to stay with the flow, otherwise they'll blow your doors off,” says a driver.

    Hastings says that's no excuse.

    "They'll say well that guy’s speeding so I'm going to fall in behind him and let him be the lead guy,” he says. “That's strictly a violation of the law and with the new laser radar(Hmm laser radar ehh..i didn't know they made a combination of the both yet), we can pick you out in individual cars."

    Back on the road, our last leg takes us down Interstate 530. Again, driving the 70 mph speed limit, we're one of the slowest cars on the highway.

    "He's running 80,” says Hastings as a truck flies by. “Then, the sign on the back, 'How an I driving?' Well you're speeding buddy and you're violating the law."

    While breaking the law may get you to your destination faster, Hastings says this: “You can be 4 or 5 minutes late, or you could be dead."(just because you're speeding means you're gonna die????LMAO)

    There's no doubt speeding is around to stay.

    "As you can see, there are people going by us and it's hard to stay the speed limit, but it has to be a commitment by you that I am going to obey the law and speeding is a violation of the law," says Hastings.

    No one is a perfect driver. “See you just violated the law right there," Hastings tells reporter Jerod Clark as he drives.

    However, Hastings says paying more attention to the road and slowing down can keep us all a little safer.

    Here's something else interesting. We've all been driving on the interstate and come up on a car going slow in the left hand, passing lane.

    Hastings says it is against the law for that person not to pull over for a faster car even if either one of the cars is speeding.

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    Great article. Of course speeding is here to stay, because speed limits are always set way too low!

    I also agree with the fact that most PSLs are more of a starting point than a limit. If you're going under them, or even going exactly at the limit, you're driving too slowly in most cases.

    90% of people don't speed because they're reckless or stupid. They're only speeding because the limits are too low.

    As I read on another forum, things should be illegal because they're bad, not bad because they're illegal. The books are full of bad laws. Although speed laws aren't bad in and of themselves, with excessively low limits and excessive enforcement, they're made into something bad.

    If police were really interested in making roads safer, they would be looking for people who are changing lanes unsafely, running red lights, cutting people off, things like that, not people who are behaving themselves other than going 10 over the number posted on a black & white sign on the side of the road. Or better yet, they should ticket those who hog the left lane and refuse to move over to let a faster driver pass.
    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

    If speed kills, how come I'm still alive?

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    well said

    i personally dont think accidents happen because people speed..i think they happen because people are speeding and then someone who isn't gets in their way

    im sorry to say this

    but steryotypical(just trying to watch myself) women are $h!t drivers...
    do most women drive over the PSL like us men,? no!! but they suck at driving and they don't pay attention and then drift over or switch lanes without looking/signaling or goes thorugh 'yellow' lights or even just drive so slow that its dangerously come on if traffic is going at 75 and ur going 55 ..because u are driving that speed you are putting urself and everyone else in danger..

    Basically. people like women get into accidents with men who are speeding, and sicne they were speeding, hands down its their fault



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