More Red Light Cameras To Go Up On The Boulevard

Stephanie Abrams

(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA City officials said additional red light cameras are expected to go up along the Roosevelt Boulevard in hopes of preventing future serious accidents.

Within the past two months, two deadly accidents have occurred at Rhawn Street and the Boulevard.

In September, a 44-year-old woman was killed while crossing the dangerous intersection. Shawna Cleary, 15, was killed after being struck by a hit and run driver at the very same intersection in October.

Legislators hope that the installation of a red light camera at Rhawn and the Boulevard, as well as four other locations, will help avoid further tragedy along the roadway.

Three red light cameras have already been installed along Roosevelt Boulevard and the Philadelphia Parking Authority said they have reduced violations by as much as 88-percent.

A state grant of $400,000 will help to defray the cost of the cameras. They are expected to be installed by the spring.

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