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    Default Norfolk?? - Radar gun aims to cut speeding

    RESIDENTS of a Saffron Walden road have joined an Essex Police scheme which aims to reduce speeding.

    Members of the Castle Street Residents' Association have been trained to use a radar gun to monitor vehicle speeds in the 20mph zone as part of the force's Community SpeedWatch initiative.

    Association chairman Peter Riding said: "During the training, the point was made that the best result will be if the association has no vehicles to report as the scheme is essentially an education awareness exercise.

    "Details of vehicles found to be speeding will be passed on to the police who will write to the owners of the vehicles asking them to be more aware of speed limits in this residential area and to respect it as they would wish other drivers to respect the road outside their own homes."

    Senior traffic management officer Adam Pipe said the scheme makes communities feel safer and also provides the police with a way of carrying out checks for non-insured vehicles.

    "Local communities are always telling us that they don't feel safe with the levels of speeding traffic through their villages, so by working with the community we can get to the root of the problem and use their local knowledge to stop repeat offenders," he said.

    "It is hoped that by involving all aspects of a community we can raise everyone's awareness of the dangers of speeding, put a stop to inconsiderate drivers putting everyone at risk and make everyone feel safer.

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    Default I would

    Richardboy123, I would think those residents would have better things to do w/ their time?



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