Clarkson zeroes in on speeders

Clarkson's South Patterson Street won't be getting speed bumps, at least not right away.

The decision came Monday night (11/27) at a special meeting of the Clarkson Commission, held to find a way to cut down on the number of speeding cars using the street as a shortcut between Hwy 88 and 224.

After a discussion of prices for the bumps, ranging from $140 to $160 each, the commission decided to have the Clarkson Police set up random patrols to ticket drivers going too fast.

And an expected $1,100 bill for repairs to one of the city's fire trucks turned out to be under $400, and the commission approved paying that bill.

Commissioners decided, too, to apply for a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant to build a storm shelter for the city in the lot between the Post Office and the fire station.

Mayor Bonnie Henderson said the city would have to hire an architect-engineer to evaluate the site and design the shelter.

She said this would cost between $5,000 and $10,000, and if the city didn't get the grant, it would still have to pay this bill.

Deadline for the application to be in is January 10, she said, and the shelter would have to be within a 5-minute walk for people who would need 5 square feet of space in the shelter.

She said that if the grant was approved, state infrastructure funds coming to the city from the state could be used to pay the engineer-architect bill. If not approved, the city would be liable for the fee.

Later, she said, a community center could be built over the shelter when funds become available for that.

Commissioners discussed spending the $100,000 infrastructure grant from the state, but Henderson said the state won't allow that money to be used for equipment, however some equipment (backhoes, dump trucks) will be needed to do the work, such as building sidewalks.

She said the city has until June 2008 to spend the grant and funds from other grants could be used for equipment.

The commission decided to wait and see if the money would be needed for the storm shelter and the proposed storm drainage work, plus other state road work may bring additional sidewalks and the city needs to dovetail its work with those plans.

Henderson said some of a $97,000 state sewer grant could be used for equipment.