Police step up enforcement to prevent crashes

Murfreesboro Police hope to reduce traffic fatalities and crashes by officers working overtime to enforce driving laws during the holidays, a sergeant said.

Seven people died and more than 1,000 motorists suffered injuries from more than 3,000 crashes in 2005 in Murfreesboro, said Sgt. Melvin Cunningham. More than 240 crashes occurred between October and December.

“Our effort is to reduce accidents this year,” Cunningham said. “The police department will be out in force writing tickets for people running stop signs. They will write tickets for noise violations and speeding.”

Visible police cruisers tend to slow drivers down and make them pay more attention.

Police ask drivers to help by pulling over when talking on cellular telephones, refraining from drinking and driving and driving more carefully just after rain because the streets become slick and dangerous, he said.

Also, Cunningham asked driver to buckle seat belts and make sure children are properly secured in child restraint seats or booster seats.

“If you can take one hand and move the seat, it’s not in properly,” Cunningham said. “It will throw your child out of the seat.”

Parents or other people who travel with children may get a police officer who is certified in checking the child seats to install the seat properly. They should stop by the police department at 302 S. Church St.