New Iberia Considers Red Light Cameras

The idea is spreading, using cameras at major intersections to catch red-light runners.

Progress is already being made in Lafayette for such a program.

Now, New Iberia officials are looking at a simular plan.

TV 10 finds out what drivers there think.

Anita Alexander says she thinks that would be nice; that would be fine because a lot of people do run red lights when they're not supposed to.

Exactly how many people would get caught red-handed?

That's hard to predict.

We watched mid-day traffic to see if anyone let their lead foot get the best of them.

It didn't take long before the first car was caught on tape.

We pointed our camera on an intersection and in just five minutes, we caught two people who blatantly ran through the red light.

There were four other cars that cut it so close we placed them in the 'maybe' category.

That questionable classification is what seemed to worry people who are afraid a two-dimensional photograph could be misleading.

But, most everyone thought the idea would make driving safer.

Junior Conway says he thinks it's a good thing to have because it'll cut down on accidents.

Jerry Delasbou it would make them be more cautious when they're driving and take control of the road better.

Manuel Pulles says he doesn't see red-light running often, but it's a good idea anyway.

The mayor's office is watching Lafayette's camera system very carefully.

Success there could help convince New Iberia to move ahead with the idea.

The red light camera plan in New Iberia still has a long way to go.

The city council would have to pass two new ordinances and hold a public hearing.

Currently, the city is reviewing a proposed agreement with a company that would operate the camera system.

The Lafayette Consolidated Council has approved the purchase of cameras for 25 'Hub City' intersections, which should be in place by the middle of next year.

Interim police chief, Jim Craft supports the program.

Chief Craft says he sees the cameras as a way of helping to control what has become a serious problem in the 'Hub City' with people running red lights.

The program will be funded by the fines paid by violators.