Controversial M4 speed camera removed to reduce chronic congestion
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by Conrad Murray last modified 15-12-2006 06:56

A controversial motorway speed camera is being removed in a bid to ease congestion on a section of the M4.

Motorists, braking as they see it, have been blamed for causing tailbacks of up to five miles in the westbound lanes near junction 41 at Port Talbot. It will be replaced by electronic signs displaying the speed of each vehicle, but not recording their details. The 50 mph speed limit will remain.

Tory AM Alun Cairns said the camera's position had always been "nonsensical".

An assembly government spokesman said the camera would be removed early in the new year. He said there were problems with congestion on the westbound lanes of the motorway at Port Talbot. "We are working with the South Wales Safety Camera Partnership on the M4 junction 41 and will be supplying two electronic vehicle actuated speed display signs," he added. "These will be located on the westbound side but further east on this 50mph section of motorway."

Mr Cairns, who is South Wales West AM, said he had raised the effectiveness of the camera on several occasions at the assembly. "This has been an issue for some time because the siting of the speed camera has always been nonsensical," he said. "Being so close to a junction it causes a lot of congestion where there is not a history of accidents. Westbound congestion of a Friday evening regularly tails back in excess of five miles because people brake through instinct on observing the camera even when they are travelling within the speed limit."

WAG said there were no plans to remove the nearby speed camera that covered the eastbound lanes.

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