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    Default PA - State Troopers to Patrol Philly Highways

    State Troopers to Patrol Philly Highways
    WPVI By David Henry

    30 new State Police cars that will soon be patrolling the stretches of I-95 and the Schuylkill Expressway that run through Philadelphia rolled into the city on Monday. It's part of a promise made by Governor Rendell last July. The program is scheduled to start next month.
    December 18, 2006 - Thirty new Pennsylvania State Police cars will soon be patrolling the stretches of I-95 and the Schuylkill Expressway that run through Philadelphia.
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    It's part of a promise made by Governor Rendell last July.

    With state troopers on the job, as many as 70 city police officers can go back to the neighborhoods where gun play is claiming lives at an alarming rate.

    The state police patrols will be phased in over the next 13 months.

    And unlike city police, the state police vehicles are armed with radar.

    Drivers accustomed to racing through the city on the interstates will be in for a surprise.

    The State Police say speed laws will be strictly enforced.

    For years the city has been trying to get compensation from the state for patrolling the highways.

    Instead of sending money, the state is sending troopers.

    The police union wants to put the brakes on the whole idea.

    They say the state should have sent the money.

    For what the state will be spending on 75 new troopers, the F.O.P. says the city could have hired 92 new Philly cops since their pay and benefits cost less.

    The F.O.P. is going to court over it, filing an unfair labor practices complaint.

    They say the state troopers aren't required to live in the city like Philly cops.

    And they say the troopers will be lost when a chase takes them off the highway and into the neighborhoods. If the F.O.P. loses in court, the troopers will hit the highway in five phases starting on January 13th. Phase one is the Schuylkill Expressway. The State Police say you'll know they're here. They plan to be very visible, and they'll be armed with radar.

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    Of course the city cops would rather generate the revenue for themselves.

    It's obvious that the city cops would not be that effective with traffic enforcement as they can't use radar and I see little effective places for vascar traps. I bet they use pacing as their primary method now.

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    Default lets

    Let's not forget Vascar and radar in PA.



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