Deputies targeting speeders

Cooper City efforts increased

By Carrie Ann Perez
Special Correspondent
Posted December 22 2006

If you're thinking about speeding down a Cooper City street, think again.

The Broward Sheriff's Office Cooper City District is stepping up its efforts to catch speeders after receiving complaints from residents and homeowners associations about vehicles speeding down streets, especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours and when schools let out students, said Cmdr. Marvin Stoner.

"Vehicular traffic is probably our biggest issue," he said. Deputies will be targeting all areas of the city, looking for speeders, with extra interest directed at school zones, Stoner said.

All of the city's five public schools are in residential areas, he said. Cooper City High is on Stirling Road, but has its main entrance along 90th Avenue, a residential street. BSO is using what it calls an "Inform, Warn and Enforce" approach for the anti-speeding effort.

Deputies began with pamphlets and electronic signs, which also work as radar, showing drivers how fast they are traveling. They also issued formal warnings. Then drivers began receiving speeding tickets, Stoner said. "This isn't about collecting money from fines. This is about compliance. We want people to slow down," he said.

The district only uses marked patrol cars or motorcycles to pull drivers over, but deputies sit in unmarked vehicles or use municipal cars to shield the radar-detecting equipment, Stoner said