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All UK Parking Tickets Could be Unlawful
A decision last week by the Scottish Parking Appeals Service stated that a High Court ruling in England that could undermine hundreds of thousands of parking tickets also applies to Scotland. In August, the High Court upheld an adjudicators decision that overturned a fine levied against Hugh Moses because the citation he received did not indicate the date of issue, as required by law. Most local jurisdictions, over several years, have similarly omitted this date. "It is up to local councils to ensure their PCNs are drafted in compliance with statute," C. Axelson, Head of the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service wrote in a March decision. "These appeals show only too clearly that the findings and concerns of the adjudicators over several years have been disregarded -- a most unattractive basis for asserting good administration." Attorney Barrie Segal argued the case on behalf of Moses and says the case could require millions in refunds for illegally issued tickets. "This is a stunning victory for motorists who have had to put for years with arrogant councils whose parking tickets were invalid," Segal wrote in August. "This legal precedent also in my view opens up a huge problems for Councils all over the UK." The Scottish decision could subject a substantial portion of country's annual 14 million (US $27 million) in parking ticket revenue to challenge. According to the London Times, the UK has collected 1.35 billion (US $2.6 billion) in parking tickets since 1994. The full text of the adjudicator's March decision is available in a 361k PDF file at the source link below.
Source: Moses v. Barnet (UK National Parking Adjudication Service, 3/6/2006)