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    Default SC - Law out in force to catch speeders

    By KAREN DAILY Staff writer

    A motorist speeding along the interstate in Aiken County Wednesday didn't have much of a chance making it home without a getting a ticket.

    More than 20 local law enforcement officers hit the interstate with their flashing blue lights.

    "The fastest speed today was 97 in a 70 zone," said Lt. Tim Pearson, North Augusta Public Safety.

    With the fine and court assessments, the total ticket is $440.

    "That's a total of six points assessed to your drivers license," Pearson said. "That's half of the 12 points you can not accumulate within a year."

    If a motorist exceeds the 12 point maximum, he loses his driver's license for 90 days.

    The area's Law Enforcement Network issued 98 citations and 15 warnings on I-20 from the Georgia state line to the Lexington County line Wednesday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

    Seventy nine of those citations were for speeding.

    Aiken Public Safety Sgt. Nancy Kieltsch said every motorist ticketed was traveling at least 14 mph over the posted speed limit.

    She said officers with the LEN were also looking for seat belt violations.

    Three seat belt citations were issued.

    The officers said motorists traveling on the interstate for a long trip tend to be better about buckling p.

    "The problem is that people feel more comfortable in their safety zone when they are close to home, but unfortunately that may cost them their lives," Pearson said.

    Officers also made three drug arrests.

    A motorist headed for North Carolina was stopped just inside the Aiken County line, near Lexington County just after noon.

    He was for traveling 87 mph.

    Salley Police Chief J.D. Bledsoe made the stop. He said a computer search revealed that the man's Texas driver's license had been revoked.

    Inside the motorist's truck, Bledsoe saw what he believed was marijuana.

    An Aiken Public Safety drug K-9 was notified and alerted on the truck.

    The green leafy materiel was confiscated and the motorist jailed.

    He was charged with simple possession of marijuana in addition to the speeding violation.

    The same agencies who participated in the interstate blitz Wednesday will send their officers out again over the holiday weekend.

    "We will be looking for impaired motorists," Kieltsch said.

    Motorists are asked to have their driver's licenses, registration and proof of insurance ready at a traffic checkpoint.

    "People also need to be wearing their seat belts regardless of how close they are to home," Kieltsch said.

    Agencies participating in the traffic blitz on the interstate were Aiken Public Safety, Aiken County Sheriff's Office, Burnettown Police Department, New Ellenton Police Department, North Augusta Public Safety, Salley Police Department, South Carolina Highway Patrol and the Wagener Police Department.

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