Council OKs red-light camera system
By Lynn Zerschling Journal staff writer

Starting next spring, motorists driving along Sioux City streets might not be stopped by a cop if they run a red light. A camera will catch them.

At a special meeting Wednesday afternoon, the City Council approved the contract with RedFlex Traffic Systems, Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., to install and operate the red light violation cameras. Eleven intersections will be signalized at first.

"It will take 60 to 90 days to get the equipment up and running," Police Capt. Mel Williams told The Journal. "In reality, it will be more like May 1st before we start writing tickets."

Don Nelson, regional sales manager for Redflex, added, "It will be full turn-key operation. We provide every aspect of the service. The city approves the tickets."

City staff and personnel from Reflex Traffic Systems Inc. propose the cameras be installed at:

-- Interstate 29 and Singing Hills Boulevard, for eastbound traffic

-- Gordon Drive and South Palmetto Street, westbound

-- Outer Drive and Cheyenne Boulevard, westbound and southbound

-- U.S. Highway 75 and Sixth Street, southbound

-- South Lakeport Street and Sergeant Road: northbound, eastbound and westbound

-- Gordon Drive and Fairmount Street, westbound

-- Gordon Drive and Pierce Street, southbound

-- Fifth and Court streets, eastbound.

In the future, Williams told the council, decisions will be made about installing the cameras at 14 other intersections.

The goal, city officials stressed, is to get motorists to obey the traffic lights, not to generate revenue for city coffers.

"If you run a red light, you should pay a fine," Councilman Jim Rixner stated.

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