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    Default AU - Speed limits to be introduced in territory

    Speed limits to be introduced in territory

    December 30, 2006 12:00
    Article from: The Daily Telegraph

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    DRIVERS will no longer be able to put their foot to the floor when they drive on Northern Territory highways from Monday.

    The Territory is one of the few places left in the world which has no speed limits.

    But this will change on January 1 when a 130km/h speed limit will apply on the Stuart, Arnhem, Victoria and Barkly highways and a 110km/h speed limit on all other roads, unless otherwise signposted.

    Currently, an average of one person is killed on the territory's roads every week.
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    Default Certainly a sad day indeed....

    This sux. I know for a fact that Porsche and numerous other motor vehicle manufacturers use the Northern Territory for their top speed testing as well hot weather cooling system and air conditioning testing.

    I will miss sitting on the 250km/h speed limiter in my car up there now. :cry:





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