RCMP to target speeders

Jan 01 2007

Clearwater RCMP Traffic Services will be stepping up speed enforcement in the reduced speed zones around the local area towns.

Clearwater Traffic Services has partnered with ARGO Road Maintenance to develop a data base of information to track the amount of vehicles, speed of the vehicles and the times of the day and week in which the vehicles pass thru the reduced speed zones.

As many of you are aware reduced speed zones are designed to slow traffic down through built up areas to allow cross traffic at intersections to cross with an added safety margin.

If motorists disobey the reduced speed signs, the braking time and reaction time means that the likelihood of a crash in an intersection is also increased.

ARGO Road Maintenance has, as part of its partnership with the RCMP, provided their speed reader unit to monitor traffic speeds over the past two weeks in Clearwater’s 60 zone.

“In the Dec. 11 issue, our Times news desk kindly provided a photo of the Argo Unit at work,” said Cpl. Mike Savage from the Clearwater Traffic Services.

The article provided just some of the raw data that the unit recorded, which included the vehicle count of over 3000 vehicles, 71 per cent of those traveling over the posted limit of 60 km/hr.

RCMP Traffic Services is committed to harm reduction through enhancement of intersection safety and crash reduction.

“We encourage everyone to drive safely and enjoy the Holiday Season,” said Savage, “Slow down, Buckle up and Don’t Drink and Drive”

Clearwater Traffic Services is dedicated to reducing crashes and making the communities that we serve and safer place to live and drive.