SPEEDING motorists in York are to be curbed, after new lower limits were introduced in two problem areas.

Council bosses have allocated 65,000 of Local Transport Plan funding to pay for the changes, which they say are in response to residents' concerns.

A 50mph limit will be brought in on the A19 at Skelton, from just north of Church Lane, and a 20mph zone created in Eastfield Avenue, Haxby.

City of York Council's transport supremo Ann Reid said it was hoped both schemes would be completed by March. She said both would improve road safety.

Coun Reid, executive member for city strategy, said: "Residents of Skelton have been worried about speeding around the village for some time now. There have been quite a few accidents at the junctions with the A19, and I am confident the reduced speed limit will help to reduce the problems.

"Hopefully the planned new road markings will make drivers aware of the new speed limit and encourage safer and slower driving near the village.
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"Haxby residents are keen to slow down traffic through the busy Eastfield Avenue area, especially the speed of some buses. This new 20mph limit will reinforce previously developed traffic-calming measures.

"Officers have now started working on these two schemes which can hopefully be completed by the end of the financial year in March, although this is obviously subject to the legal requirements to advertise changes and consider any objections carefully."

The A19 through Skelton will be subject to a 50 mph limit from just north of Church Lane to just north of the Outer Ring Road. Red warning markings would be put on the road, and there will be repeated signs showing the new speed limit. A new road layout will be created to make the route safer.

The proposals also include enhancing warnings of the junction, improving signs and clearing vegetation to boost visibility.

The 20mph limit in Eastfield Avenue is designed to stop vehicles, particularly buses, from driving too quickly over speed humps in this busy area.

The Skelton work is funded by 25,000 from the council's Speed Management budget 2006/07 and 25,000 from Local Safety Scheme budget 2006/07. This funding is allocated as part of the Local Transport Plan 2 (2006-11) capital programme.

The Eastfield Avenue work was originally earmarked for 15,000 in the 2005/06 Speed Management budget under Local Transport Plan 1 (2001-06).

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