Police introduce new net for speeding drivers
System will calculate average speed on a stretch of road
Drivers tend to suddenly apply their brakes upon sight of a traffic camera in order to avoid a fine. In response, the National Police Agency on January 8 announced that it would introduce a new system to catch these drivers trying to evade speeding fines by decelerating before their picture is taken.

Under the new system, there will be two speed checks on a given stretch of road. Speeding drivers will no longer be able to avoid a fine merely by slowing down just before a camera, because their average speed can be calculated based on how quickly they drive from speed check A to speed check B. Whichever speed is highest - point A, point B, or the average - will be used to calculate the fine they receive.

The police authorities plans to carry out the new system at three sections - Seohae Grand Bridge, Jukryeong Tunnel of Jungang Expressway, and Dunnae Tunnel of Yeongdong Expressway - as early as June and to expand to other places.

This system has significantly reduced speeding in Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Australia, said Hyeon Seung-cheol at the Traffic Science Research Center of the Road Traffic Safety Authority.

The National Police Agency’s Ju Seon-ok said that to prevent the recurrence of an accident like the one the Seohae Grand Bridge in October last year, the new system has been introduced first on bridges and in tunnels. The Seohae bridge accident involved 27 automobiles and killed 11 people.

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