Camera cops appear headed to another local city

EIJIRO KAWADA; The News Tribune
Published: January 9th, 2007 11:35 AM
The Puyallup City Council took a preliminary vote Monday night to allow traffic enforcement with automated cameras in the city.

The city plans to use cameras to catch red-light runners first, then expand their use to slow down speeders in school zones.

A private vendor will set up and run the system. The system pays for itself, and the city expects to generate some revenue from it.

Each violation costs $101. Under state law, the violation is considered a civil matter and doesn't go against the driver's record.

There are three potential vendors, and the city has yet to sign a contract.

Lakewood, Bonney Lake and Auburn already have automatic camera systems, issuing thousands of tickets to drivers. Fife and Tacoma officials are talking about joining them.

The Puyallup City Council is expected to adopt a formal ordinance to allow camera cops in the city in the near future.