Police step up enforcement campaign

Plymouth traffic police officers will be carrying out a concentrated enforcement campaign on the A386 between Roborough Roundabout and Pennycomequick Roundabout in Plymouth. This campaign will commence on Monday January 15 and will continue for two weeks.

Police collision figures show that at present, Plymouth as a whole is showing a 26% increase in serious and fatal collisions compared with the same period last year, (43 compared with 34 2005/06). Of the current fatal and serious collisions, 25% of them have occurred on the A386 within Plymouth.

However it should also be emphasised that these figures are considerably lower than historical figures and that Plymouth is improving its road safety record. A similar period in 2002 showed that there had been 76 fatal and serious collisions.
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The enforcement will take the form of high profile patrols using marked police traffic cars and bikes. Any traffic offences detected by these officers will be dealt with firmly, normally by way of prosecution. Use will also be made of unmarked police video cars; these will be deployed at various times during the operation. The intention being that during the day time officers will concentrate on seat belt, mobile phone and other basic traffic offences.

During the evening period, when traffic flow is lighter, officers will be concentrating on speed enforcement. During this period vehicles of all types travel well in excess of the speed limit. The drivers of these vehicles in particular run a high risk of being involved in a collision with the level of injury in proportion to the speeds involved. Some of the fixed safety camera sites along the A386 within the enforcement area will also be utilised.

The intention of this enforcement is aimed at the safety of the motoring public, the intention being that if road users stay within speed limits and obey the basic rules of the road, they are much less likely to be involved in a collision.

PC Ian Tanner the Plymouth Police Road Casualty Reduction Officer said, "This enforcement is aimed purely at casualty reduction, Plymouth has an improving road safety record overall but this enforcement is taking place to maintain the safety of Plymouth road users